Rabies in Cambodia

Welcome to the Zoonotic Disease Exploration. Zoonotic means a disease that transmitted from Animals to Humans In this exploration we were helping an organization called PPAWS to spread the information around the village about the free Rabies vaccination and free surgery for the pets. We went to Mondulkiri with PPAWS to do this mission. There were about 50 dogs 20 cats in total for two days, and there were about 20 dogs get surgery and 8 cat get surgery. We also help to prepare the event in Koh Krobey and Chumpous Kaek pagoda to give the free Rabies vaccination to the villager’s pets.


I also learned how to be a good communicator in this Exploration, as a stranger walking into the village that I never heard of is difficult but I have to confront it to be a change agent. Some people were interested but some are not which is normal for the people in the isolated area. I met some people who really love their pets, so they took it to get the vaccine, but some people they don’t care about their pets. I also want to say thank you to Liger that gave me this immense opportunity to learn about Rabies and able to work with an awesome organization (PPAWS).

Take your pet to do surgery without paying!!

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