Khmer Reading


Cambodia is a historical country. We only find the history of Cambodia from books, videos, documentaries. Cambodia had leaded by many different kings.

And this book is mainly talk about the history from Angkor Period until the French Colonization. 

Khmer Reading

scan0003In Khmer class if I have some trouble about remember or reading skill so I have to read the book to improve my Khmer skill. I have to read the book and find out the word means. Then I would show it to my teacher and she would check it ask me for describe about the story the book.

Presentation about Khmer old Words

On Tuesday the teacher gave us a work to do was listen to the speech of Somdach Preh Songkreach Chun Nat about Khmer words.
Then we do the presentation to all our class mate and teacher.

Working about the words
Working about the words

Independent Discovery(Khmer Traditional Martial Art).

September 2015

For my Independent Discover I researched about Khmer Traditional Martial Art which is called Bokator. Bokator is 2000 years ago from the Angkorian Worrier the first name of Bokator is Labokator. Labok means tricks and fight and Kator means fight the lion. I looked up and see one Bokator school in Phnom Pehn unnamedand I contacted the teacher and prepare the lessons for teacher to teach.