Rabies Vaccination

On the 7th of February, in Chhomus Kaek and Koh Krobey pagoda, we, Liger Leadership Academy students and ARC (Animal Rescue Cambodia) hosted a free rabies vaccination event for the villagers pets that live close to these two pagodas. We were setting up the tables and the supplies for the event to get ready for the event that start at 8am and end at 12pm in Chhompus Kaek pagoday, and in the afternoon from 1pm until 5pm in Koh Krobey pagoda. We also divided into teams that are advertising about the free rabies vaccines for the villagers and give the rabies vaccination to the pets in the pagoda. I was in the advertising team and it was really fun and I had a lot of experiences from it. I recorded my voice to the microphone and play it as we traveled through the villages, and what it says was “Hurry up!! Everyone!! It is not too late take your pets to get a free Rabies Vaccination at the pagoda around this time”. We got a lot of attention from the people in the village and we were happy because we saw a lot of the villagers were bringing their pets to get a free rabies vaccination.

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