Memria Treatment


On the second week after I joined the incredible team, we went to Pailin to study and meditate, mainly is to relax from work, but we also do some work as well, Palin is a beautiful province that located at the west side next to Thailand, with a lot of mountains and hills with big trees, Pailin is my heaven. Because of going to Pailin is not just for a night so we have to stay at a resort called ” Memoria”, the reason why they don’t put the letter ” L” was just because it like as sad moment but Memoria want us to have a great memory there so there no ” L”. Beside staying in that beautiful place we also write a treatment about it, a treatment is a type of writing of a view that you see from your eyes and create a big picture with a huge frame. The most important thing is we have to write in detail of what we see in the frame, write down all the things that we sees.

Here is my example of treatment: The last night we were together was a memoria for me, walking with paired up and split about 10 metres apart was a good safety guiding strategy in the forest neither Memoria Resort. Walking on the stones with many different shapes toward the big pond was my favorite nightmare, with lights on the side way is like a path to the heaven, and with my partner walking together is like a couple that wanted to go to the honeymoon at the heart shaped island in the middle of the ponds. 52 poles stick to the ground and create the heart shaped, with a lot of grasses on the island and a campfire in the middle that tells our destiny when we throw our ideas in. I also see the the reflection of the most beautiful star of the night from the fresh water in the pond.

A big pond with 52 poles in the middle that created a heart shaped.