Changing Cambodia

I have change Cambodia is I learn in the forest and how to protect the forest?.
We that we protect the forest it will changes Cambodia and it protect from hot.
When I learn lots from the forest and I can share to the people in Cambodia.
I learn about the tong tin how does the people in Cambodia play and it is good and.
When they play tong tin it have good and bad good is we play and win and we have lots of money.
Bad is when we play we win and we want to play again and then the boss run away.
And some people borrow the money from the bank to that games and the Cambodia people like to play but it not so good for all of Cambodia people.
The business is when we have lots of the money we can changes Cambodia by build the school and give the Education to the child in Cambodia.

Poverty in Cambodia

Essential Questions: What are the main factors that causes Cambodians in poor and What will be the new vision to improve poverty situation in Cambodia.
Exploration name: Poverty in Cambodia
Exploration Dates: 9 February- 31 March 2015
Number of students: 13
Course Description: In this project students will learn about the problems in their community which make people in poor condition as well as the poverty situation in Cambodia. We will do research of other countries too to see the differences or similarities of poverty in other society in the world. Moreover, students will do study trip to Ministry of labor and vocational training, Ministry of Rural and development NGO in Cambodia. We want to get to know the work that Ministries are doing, their mission, vision and solution, and the function of NGO. We will go to Kompong Chhang province to interview people at Community Poverty Reduction to know about their work with HIV people and the money saving group; how this NGO helps community’s living, keeps it moving forward, and be a model for others.

Entrepreneurship 1

Exploration Name: Entrepreneurship

Exploration Dates: August 7th to October 3rd

Number of Students: 13

Location of Trips Taken: ARC Hub PNH office two times a week; ISPP, iCAN, Development Innovations once each to talk to possible customers.
Essential Questions: How to make a business?

Find the problem
First we need to find some problem and have some research because when you make the product your product need to fit their problem and when we know the problem we have the idea to make something.

When we know the problem we need to have the idea that can help the people that need help. our idea is to be very helpful because it is not just our company that make it it have another people make too.

Find the customer
After we know what we are going to make we need to find the customer that we think will buy our product and we need to find at least three customers. we need to think about how old our customer are.

Make a change
When we email to them and their problem not fit to our product we can make some changes to relate to their problem by knowing what problem is the most when we email to them.

Find the place to sell
If we know our customer, our price and our product is good we need to find the place to sell and that place needed to be our customer that they have the problem and our product it help them.

In our group we had 3 product that we had made one was water bottle lid, egg holder, and pencil case we were so happy because we can made the product to sell to other in Cambodia.

Teach Support Description

Exploration Name: Tech Support
Learning Facilitator: Max
Exploration Dates: August 13-Oct 3, 2014
Number of Students: 12

Description: Tech Support was the first Exploration of the second year. In Tech Support we learned about technology and helping other organizations, NGOs and Liger with their technology problems. On the first day Max, our facilitator taught us a little bit about the ideas that he made this Exploration. On the next day we started to learn more about technology. We learned about the parts of computers (hardware). On the second week we had a trip to Singapore! Before that day we prepared our clothes in our backpacks. When we arrived at the airport our parents came to say goodbye to us. We were so sad but we were also happy. On the plane people were talking to each other, some people hurt their ears because it’s hard to hear up there in the sky. When we arrived in Singapore we had to wait for the checker to check our passports. After we finished the check step there was a big surprise for us because Robert (the former head of Liger) came and was waiting for us. He came and said hello to us, we were shocked. About 15 minutes later we went straight to UWCSEA South East Campus. We went there because we want to collaborate with them so we can help NGOs and organizations in Cambodia. There were seven members that worked with us. The first day that we met them we played some games to know and get familiar with each other. Then we found out our host family that we were going to sleep with for two days. Our host families were so friendly and kind. We went there and learned with an IT expert more about the hardware of the computers. On the third day we camped in UWCSEA. Also we went to the science museum to learn and have fun. Sadly on Wednesday we had to leave Singapore. When we came back we went to two organizations to help them. One of them is Tiny Toons. They have problems with their computer. We took five computers to fix at Liger. Luckily we fixed two of them already! The other organization is Green Umbrella, and they have a problem with their website so we helped to fix it.

If you want to know more about UWCSEA, Tiny Toones and Green Umbrella click on the logos below to visit them. (If you don’t know how, ask Dalin).

Recycle Community

Exploration name: Recycle Community
Exploration Dates: 06 October 2014– 21 November 2014
Number of students: 12
Course Description: Students will work closely with community to solve their waste management and how to make use from it. In class students will learn about the effect of waste to living things on the earth, and find solutions to motivate community to care more about environment. In order to achieve this goal, students will do survey in the community to see what are the real problems in the village which is near our school. Then students will do field trip to interview people from Ministry of Environment and waste collecting company names CINTRI. Students will do Community Project Based which means they will collaborate with community to separate their waste into three kind as in Organic, Recycle, and Others. Through these, community not only benefits for their environment, but also improve their living by making compost.

Comprehension check

aodkvWhen we read the book we always want to under stand about that book. To do Liger students needed to do comprehension. A comprehension check is some thing that make you under more about the book instead of reading the book. In comprehension check it have some questions to ask the reader. We do the comprehension by the chapters when we finished chapter of that book is we go to the next level.

Maya Expertise

Hello my name Maya I am working on editing the photo. I use one program that call Gimp . I use gimp to edit a photo . My challenge is when I use one kind of tool it is call eraser . When I erase I like to erase one time is all . When I erase wrong just a little bit so I need to erase again. What I like the most is I working to make the game with my friend . I like when I did I shows people my work and they like it and they give lots of photo to edit. Also my hardest thing in Gimp is that when the people give me lots of photo so I have to finished it.Also some part I don’t know about which tool to use it. I will use my skill to teach the people in Liger and all around the whole world. I hope people can use my skill to edit the photo and do something else.

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