Installing the Computer lab

Testing out the computer

On 26 of May we went to Toul Prasat Sen Sok high school to install the computer lab. When we arrived at the school everyone started to take off the van and go straight to their own business, which three of the students me and my two other classmates were take out all the electronics devices that came along with us. We spend about 1 hour and a half just for taking out the devices and connected the wires to each devices together. All of the devices that we have to take out were the computer screens, mouse, and our Raspberry pi. When we finished taking out all the devices and connect them together, we started to check and we were trying to run the entire computer lab to see does it work or not. I started to turn on the power of the lab and I saw all of the screens were turning on but some were doesn’t work with the Raspberry pi and it wasn’t showed up. Some of the computer were working really well but some were working but the mouse doesn’t work. That were the problems that we had and we have to come back to figure out what to do with it so we could launch our first computer lab for the student to do their learning curriculum.

Turning on the power


After installing the computer lab we had lunch with the school director and having chat with him about our school and get to know more about each other. At 2 pm we return back to the safely.

Taking out the electronic devices

Mondulkiri Youth Camp

explaining the students about drugs trafficking

On 2/4/18 we went to Mundolkiri province to participate in a Youth Camp that was hosted by World Renew, and the youth camp was called Youth are Leaders for Community Transformation. The Youth Camp was participated by Liger’s students and the students from four other provinces in Cambodia, Youth Camp was created to solve the issues in the community and brought the students together to discuss and find solution to solve the issue. The Youth Camp was held for four days and we were having fun with the other students from other provinces by sharing some facts about Liger and we were playing some games together with them to get to know each other. Most of the topics that they taught us was taught by an expert except for us, we lead the activity by our own.

The first day was covered with foods topic and topple the three facets groups of foods: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins & Minerals, this was just taught me how to eat good foods for my body and not picking on which foods I like. Eating the foods you like it doesn’t mean that they are good for your body and what you need to do is just eating the right foods for your body to keep you healthy.

The second day was just a fun day because we were doing some activities together to build up our team work skills and improve it. We were separated into 12 groups of students and we have to work together to create a Eiffel tower that was capable of toppling from a storm. They provided us only four pieces of big papers and we have to build the Eiffel tower with those papers. Before we started building the tower we sketch the idea on a smaller pieces of paper to have an idea of what will our Eiffel tower looks like. Once we sketched our first ever Eiffel on a piece of paper we started to build our own tower. We worked so hard to make our own unique Eiffel tower. When we finished our tower was 150 cm high, and seem strong but it wasn’t. At the end of the time we were presenting about our Eiffel tower and was putting in a actually test and we fails.

The third day was just a day that we lead the activities on our own. Our presentation was so effective base on the comments that we got and we see how much did they understand about our topics.