Creative writing

During the expertise class called Creative writing, we wrote a day in a life of one thing but not human. I wrote about soccer ball, and how it’s been used for days and days. Down here are what I wrote about a day in a life of a soccer ball, and below is a Youtube link that you can go and watch my video.

Quietly eating the air  and my belly billow out

Ready to get kicked by these intelligent football players

I ran faster and quicker than them, after they kicked

Juggling me like a cannon in world war two

They uses me to be a bridge to their success

The more they kick the more I digest my food

I experienced a lot of the physics examples

Shooting, Dropping, Hitting, Heading

The football pitch is like a physics lab

Rolling on the pitch as grasses is a friction force acting opposite of me


When I’m on the field

I’m on fire

I scored, I kicked, I hit, I headed by a lot of famous football players

As I sweat a lot, I get dirty, I do a lot of activities in the pitch.

90 mins I get only 5 mins rest, and that is when a kindly ball boy keep me

And throw my friend it to the field to replace me.

They use me like a poem, they write about me with their soul and their heart

But they say it with their foot, with millions of audiences attended there just to see me

And I became more and more popular around the world

Creative Writing

My expertise is Creative writing with my teacher and the other students. First my teacher gave me a topic for me to write about and it is about Tell the people who knew about Cambodia. It kind of a guide to the other people about Cambodia. We can write about temples or anything else. IF YOU WANT TO SEE MINE LOOK AT HERE!scan0001