Crime In Cambodia

Crime in Cambodia
My second explorations of this year is Crime in Cambodia(CIC). In CIC we have seven members in the class include one facilitator. CIC isn’t learning about the crimes but we were learning about laws. Our main topic is about illegal fishing. We went to kep province for learning about fishing laws also the illegal fishing. In cambodia it have a lot of illegal fisherman include Cambodian fisherman and Vietnamese fisherman. There are many illegal fishing boats go out at night to catch the fish. We met one organization call Marine Conservation Cambodia(MCC) that are trying to protect the marine lives. One main issue that MCC trying protect from is the trawling boats. When the fisherman do the trawling for fish they also kill the other marine lives such as coral reefs and other sea creatures. Our goal are to make website and making a really nice documentary. Our audience is Liger students and facilitators.

a group of students in CIC
A group of students in CIC