Changing Cambodia 15/16

I think some problem that we should change Cambodia are the Phnong Indigenous Minority culture and also the economic in Cambodia which is about business, the Cambodian fisheries. I have been asked to some people around Phnom Penh about their business and it is cool, many people had some really cool idea and successful business man. In this years I have changed Cambodia by studying about the Phnong Indigenous minority. We all created a book that is about Phnong Indigenous minority. Our purpose is to preserve the Phnong minority culture and their livelihood. We want all of the people around the world to know more about the Phnong Minority. Also the are not a lot of Phnong Indigenous group in the world. For the Cambodian fisheries is that my group went to Kep province and interview also did the documentary about Cambodian fisheries and put that video PPYFF (Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival) and we got an award as a best documentary. Also I’ve studied about the Human OF Cambodia in this project my group and I got to go to many different places in Cambodia for interviewing people. The most common questions that we asked them were What is the most import time in your life? What make you happy the most? And more so these are some of the questions that we asked them. So this is what I learn and I changed my country because of this education.