Football ASE

Almost every week we were having football competition with other teams. Mostly the coach made list of 18 students including me. As you know I like football by a lot. 90% of the time that my name on the starting line-up. It is easy for me to get into the starting line-up because I am the only student that play left-wing. This year we have a bad season because we played 4 matches so it looks like this, LDLW and we don’t know which team that we are going to play with next.


As football is my passion and one of my future goals is to be a football player I also lead an after school activities(ASE) with the junior students. It seemed most of them are interesting in this activity but only small amount of students that join this activity, but now I saw a lot of progress in this ASE. They are started to enjoy football more and more. And thank you Theara, my team mate, for helping me.

Down below is my training video that I edited last month!!

Joined the U16 Football and Youth Team, Lead by Cambodian Professional Football Player

I was scrolling down in my Facebook news feeds and I saw a post from the Football and Youth Team official Facebook page. They were asking for the nearby-club players to go and train every weekend on Sunday from 7:00 am to 9:00 am in the morning. I was selected into the U16 team and the U19 team. 

Number: 17
Blue Jersey, This picture vs Japan, FIFA Qualifier.
Blue Jersey, Play against Malaysia, AFC championship.


Biking For Four Hours

On Saturday 19th 2016, I went to biking on an islands. We leaved our school around 6:30 am and arrived at the ferry place around 7:00 am them got on the ferry around 5 mins and we started riding the bike. We rode on about two islands and it took us about four hours. With this time maybe it seems long but actually it’s fun!!

The members that went to ride with us.
The members that went to ride with me.

Khmer Reading

scan0003In Khmer class if I have some trouble about remember or reading skill so I have to read the book to improve my Khmer skill. I have to read the book and find out the word means. Then I would show it to my teacher and she would check it ask me for describe about the story the book.