Memria Treatment


On the second week after I joined the incredible team, we went to Pailin to study and meditate, mainly is to relax from work, but we also do some work as well, Palin is a beautiful province that located at the west side next to Thailand, with a lot of mountains and hills with big trees, Pailin is my heaven. Because of going to Pailin is not just for a night so we have to stay at a resort called ” Memoria”, the reason why they don’t put the letter ” L” was just because it like as sad moment but Memoria want us to have a great memory there so there no ” L”. Beside staying in that beautiful place we also write a treatment about it, a treatment is a type of writing of a view that you see from your eyes and create a big picture with a huge frame. The most important thing is we have to write in detail of what we see in the frame, write down all the things that we sees.

Here is my example of treatment: The last night we were together was a memoria for me, walking with paired up and split about 10 metres apart was a good safety guiding strategy in the forest neither Memoria Resort. Walking on the stones with many different shapes toward the big pond was my favorite nightmare, with lights on the side way is like a path to the heaven, and with my partner walking together is like a couple that wanted to go to the honeymoon at the heart shaped island in the middle of the ponds. 52 poles stick to the ground and create the heart shaped, with a lot of grasses on the island and a campfire in the middle that tells our destiny when we throw our ideas in. I also see the the reflection of the most beautiful star of the night from the fresh water in the pond.

A big pond with 52 poles in the middle that created a heart shaped.

Creating a Local Football League

On the 16th of June, 2018 one of the football staff members in my village and I with my other friend came together to discuss about creating a local football league in my my village. The competition will be starting at the beginning of July and the teams are going to be divided into two groups, three teams in each group. The competition will open for the students in the village only. We took a week to discuss and plan what will happen in the competition. The collaboration with social media is a bit hard because he live in Phnom Penh and I live in Kampong Thom province, and the reason why it is hard for me to cooperate with him because he has his own job to do and sometimes he not online so he might be replying late in some ways. We had progress now because only me and my friend are working.


Moreover the students are really happy with the plan and can’t wait to join the football league. In order for them to participate in this league they have to have their own uniform, and have enough budget to buy the the play-list. They have to pay 25 cents for the play-list but they also pay 5$ to play in the league. The winning team will benefit 25$ and a trophy. The reason why we create this competition is to avoid drugs and improve sport in Cambodia.

Joined the U16 Football and Youth Team, Lead by Cambodian Professional Football Player

I was scrolling down in my Facebook news feeds and I saw a post from the Football and Youth Team official Facebook page. They were asking for the nearby-club players to go and train every weekend on Sunday from 7:00 am to 9:00 am in the morning. I was selected into the U16 team and the U19 team. 

Number: 17
Blue Jersey, This picture vs Japan, FIFA Qualifier.
Blue Jersey, Play against Malaysia, AFC championship.


Investigation Class (Sundial)

Hundreds of years ago sundial is the most common device that people use to tell time. Comparing sundial to a normal watch, watch is run by it’s hand and sundial is run by the shadow from the sun. It is a motionless device to tell time in the last decade. As the sun move from east to west the shadow will move from west to east if it stay at the same place. Sundial can be carried around unless it is a small size one. There are many types of sundial, and mostly people attached with their rings. Before the coming of the railways in the 1830s and 1840s, local time was displayed on a sundial and was used by the government and commerce. Before the invention of the clock the sundial was the only source of time, after the invention, the sundial became more important as the clock needed to be reset regularly from a sundial- as its accuracy was poor. A clock and a dial were used together to measure longitude. Dials were laid out using straightedges and compasses. In the late nineteenth century sundials became objects of academic interest. The use of logarithms allowed algebraic methods of laying out dials to be employed and studied. No longer utilitarian, sundials remained as popular ornaments, and several popular books promoted that interest- and gave constructional details. Affordable scientific calculators made the algebraic methods as accessible as the geometric constructions- and the use of computers made dial plate design trivial. The heritage of sundials was recognized and sundial societies were set up worldwide, and certain legislation made studying sundials part of their national school curriculum.

First football match of the school year.

Right Wing Players

In September, 2017 Liger hosted a friendly for EYC (Empower Youth Cambodia). We played our first match of the 2017/2018 school year. Ligers players were prepared before the game started. I was in the starting line-up and we played well on the first half. Second half coming every gets ready I scored a goal in the second half and take a lead for Liger 9:0, and not just a goal and 4 assists. After the match ended we also host them lunch and spent the rest of the time together.

Green School

The Green School in Bali
The Green School in Bali

On Tuesday there was a group of two people came to our school to talk about Green School in Indonesia.
Green School (Bali) is a private and international pre-kindergarten to high school located along the Ayung River near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
What special about this school is that the whole school is made from bamboo. Why they take bamboo and make it into the building? Usually bamboos is called an big grass. What happen when you cut the grass? the grass will grow back itself without anyone grow it back, it the same as bamboos. Green School provides special education just like our school. Green School Bali’s vision is to educate young green leaders in global citizenship. The curriculum is a progressive model of learning that connects the timeless lessons from nature to a relevant and effective preparation for a fast-changing future within the guiding values of integrity, responsibility, empathy, sustainability, peace, equality, community, and trust.

Making football logos

Hi everyone in my free time I also liked to create my own football logo for my club I have created many different style of logos so here are some of the logos that I made.


Ministry Day

On the 12th Jan 2016 is the Ministry day. This is the big event in Liger. The students do the presentation to the Ministers about Liger. We divided into seven groups and we have to do the presentation from 8:30am to 12:30pm. On that day I am so tired but all the students are very brave to present for the Ministers. We present to them about Liger like Core Values, Recruitment and Liger learning model etc. We have to present for seven times so the first three we stop and rest for a while then finish the four remaining. When we do the presentation finished then the Ministers said we are the smart kids and in the future we can Cambodia.

This is when I did the presentation to the Ministers.
This is when I did the presentation to the Ministers.


In 2015 ISPP have one program called MUN(Model United Nations). Everyone have their own country to represent. For my country is Sweden so I have to find the problems of my country and the resolution of my country. For join this invitation u have to wearing the nice uniform and tie on your neck.