Khmer Reading

scan0003In Khmer class if I have some trouble about remember or reading skill so I have to read the book to improve my Khmer skill. I have to read the book and find out the word means. Then I would show it to my teacher and she would check it ask me for describe about the story the book.

Literacy Reading Book

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever

In Literacy class we also have the book to read to improve our reading skill. First I need to read the book and understand about the book also find out the says and mean of my book which means is the words that I don’t know how to say or I don’t know what it means so I should write it in the computer and find out what the words means. After that I will read the book with the teacher and the other students that read the same book as me.

Creative Writing

My expertise is Creative writing with my teacher and the other students. First my teacher gave me a topic for me to write about and it is about Tell the people who knew about Cambodia. It kind of a guide to the other people about Cambodia. We can write about temples or anything else. IF YOU WANT TO SEE MINE LOOK AT HERE!scan0001