My Motivational Speech

I defined poem as a piece of writing to express our feeling, to educate, to encourage, and to influence people in a way that it could change their life. Poems can be written in many different styles and structures, poems don’t have to be rhyme, it doesn’t have to be illiterate, it doesn’t have to have a personification, it all about the creativeness of the poets. In my 11 AM, English Literacy class, I wrote a poem about people who are about to give up, I write my poem to persuade, encourage, and to influence them to give up on their dream in the middle of the way. I am saying my poem is not like a regular poem it is more like a motivational speech, where every word from each stanza touches readers’ heart in a very unique way, my poem was influenced by some sport motivational videos from youtube. During the time that we presented our poem to the class, students were required to read their poem to the classroom, but for me, I used motivational music to add extra power and meanings to my poem while reading it to the class. Below is my poem called “Don’t Stop”,

Playing against Kampong Speu Provincial Team.
Maya, #9, tackling the ball.

Don’t Stop!


You cry because you fail

You cry because there are competitions

You cry because you can’t go forward

You cry because you ain’t tough enough to fight with the problems


Don’t be upset with these situations

Look back at your failures and take the action

Don’t keep dreaming, start doing it

Challenge yourself to see your toughness


Most people don’t work on their dream, why?

Fear! The fear of failure “what if things don’t work out”?

Fear! The fear of success “what is happening you can’t handle it”?

Fear! The fear of beliefs “You gonna fail, You don’t want to do it”


Don’t listen to other people!

Don’t spend your time with other people!

Stop wasting your time with other people!

Stop involving them into your life! If you want to live your dream!


Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough!

When you fail it is your darkest moment and you have to focus to see the light!

When you become a right person you begin to have a certain uniques

Start to defines your value


Your life is a page, don’t let it become a chapter.

Don’t let one mistake create a book.

Take one minute to think

Take one minute to code your body

Take one minute to program your  mind

The one minute that never comes back

The one minute that might change your life forever if you use it accurately


Have a mindset that you are always a successful person

You were born to success.

Success is your name

Make it in the hall of fame


I dare you to take a little pain

I dare you to take suffer

I dare you not to go home

I dare you to stay right here dealing with the problems


Some people love to rest more than success

Rest is just for people who are broke

You don’t rest, You work all the time


When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breath

Then you will be successful!

Don’t Stop!
Never give up!

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