Installing the Computer lab

Testing out the computer

On 26 of May we went to Toul Prasat Sen Sok high school to install the computer lab. When we arrived at the school everyone started to take off the van and go straight to their own business, which three of the students me and my two other classmates were take out all the electronics devices that came along with us. We spend about 1 hour and a half just for taking out the devices and connected the wires to each devices together. All of the devices that we have to take out were the computer screens, mouse, and our Raspberry pi. When we finished taking out all the devices and connect them together, we started to check and we were trying to run the entire computer lab to see does it work or not. I started to turn on the power of the lab and I saw all of the screens were turning on but some were doesn’t work with the Raspberry pi and it wasn’t showed up. Some of the computer were working really well but some were working but the mouse doesn’t work. That were the problems that we had and we have to come back to figure out what to do with it so we could launch our first computer lab for the student to do their learning curriculum.

Turning on the power


After installing the computer lab we had lunch with the school director and having chat with him about our school and get to know more about each other. At 2 pm we return back to the safely.

Taking out the electronic devices

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